Vision Statement from the Community Profile

Rindge is a community committed to managing the balance between the collective vision of its residents, the dictates of its environment, and its commercial needs. We will accomplish this by relying on individual diversity and active participation of all community segments in preserving the town's natural assets and small town, rural flavor.


We demonstrate commitment and support of our vision for the community, its natural resources, commercial, residential, and environmental needs by...

Encouraging each member of the community to participate in and support town committees, organizations and their related activities.

Providing activities for a wide cross-section of our community that promote inclusion discussion, and communication, including periodic forums such as the Rindge Community Profile.

Conserving and managing our natural resources through the thoughtful and deliberate support of updating our Master Plan, consistent implementation of Town Meeting decisions related to zoning, conservation and other related activities.

Supporting and encouraging the development of locally owned farms, businesses and cottage industries through local incentives, information exchanges and exhibits.

Preserving and promoting the history, lore, traditions, and arts and crafts of our community.

Planning for the growth and development of quality services to support our community such as education, social services, fire, police, highway, and recreation departments.

Establishing and maintaining a cooperative open partnership between business, civic, non-profit, religious, educational, and town interests through regularly scheduled opportunities for dialogues.

Continuing to foster business development by proactively attracting businesses and industries that will work in a Cooperative partnership with the town.